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all of us

Like the rest of the world, I'm smitten with the Blair Family. Gabby (whom I have already gushed about) is spending a year in France with her husband Ben and their six, yes, six children. And if following their adventures wasn't already so much fun, the family of eight just launched a new video series called Olive Us, created to inspire and educate other families. It so darned charming! Henry even likes it. We watched the trailer and the extended trailer when they were released. A few days later, he asked to watch "Mama's movie." It took me a while to realize Henry meant Olive Us.

So, yes, Family Blair, you have two fans right here, eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Photo by Gabrielle Blair



We have a lot of catching up to do, my friends! May has been much kinder to me, but I'm still as busy as ever. I'll try to fill you in on all my work and life happenings over the next few weeks. First, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite projects to date that launched last month...

...The redesign of food and photography blog Shutterbean.com! You may remember Tracy Benjamin as one of my Friends & Neighbors featured last year (a feature I hope to revive soon). She's been a steadfast friend and supporter of mine for years, so when she asked if I would help redesign her blog I had to say yes. Not only do we both like a good dose of carbs, but we also share a love of typography. Finding inspiration was easy. My challenge was to create a type-centered design that also provided a clean canvas for her photography. Tracy has been blogging for several years, so I also helped her organize the overwhelming amount of content.

Two of my favorite features are above. The chalkboard menu inspired navigation box (left) and the bistro menu inspired recipe index (right), the latter of which will get your mouth watering in no time. I also created a recipe card that clicks to a printable version, which you will no doubt be using over and over again because her recipes are that good.


good, glad & lovely // glimpses of happy

I'll be honest: April kicked my butt. But looking back, I can see some glimpses of happiness amidst the stress and chaos. So, here's a good, glad & lovely list in the photos. 

May is already proving to be a little gentler, thank goodness. I am hoping that means more time for more posts. There's just so much I want to share with you.

The Good, The Glad & The Lovely is an experiment in gratitude. I've been keeping lists of good things in one form or another since I was a girl. I hope you'll join me as I count the positive, accept the not-so-great, and try to do a bit of good, too. 


type nerd

I've got my nose to the Macbook these days. I'm working on some super fun projects, many of which I hope to reveal very soon. In the meantime, check out the post I wrote for Rena Tom's blog the other day about fonts and typography. I shared some of my favorite spots on the web to find fonts and geek out. Sadly, that will be my last contributor post for Rena, as I've decided to focus on Darling. Thanks, Rena, for letting me share my two cents on branding, web design, and inspiration!

Alphabet by Diego Sanzsalas


good, glad & lovely // friendly reminders

Last week, I met my friend for Marisa for brunch. Now Marisa and I both know how to talk. In fact, the last time we got together for a meal just the two of us, we ended up with parking tickets because we completely lost track of time. Over brunch, we shared another perfect conversation filled with stories and secrets, nods and laughter. Throughout it all, I just kept thinking, "You get me. You really get me." 

I am lucky to have a handful of people in my life like that—people who just get me. I know that, and I cherish every single one of them. But I started thinking...this is the kind of gratitude that needs to be shared, don't you think? So I made some cards to send as friendly reminders, letting my family and friends know how I feel.

While I'm sharing, I figured why not share the cards with you, because you probably have someone you want to thank, too. Well, here you are! There are three Friendly Reminder cards, ready to download, print, and share. They'll fit snugly into an A2 envelope, but they're also perfect for dropping into lunches, slipping under doors, or leaving on windshields. 


This week's Good, Glad & Lovely list:

- Late-night conversations with Rama after our kids have gone to bed.
- Hearing them babble and giggle in their bedroom the following morning.
- Glitter covered messes. 
- Baby girl play dates.
- Walks in the neighborhood, Henry leading the way.
- Hot cocoa, popcorn, and movies on a rainy day.
- Mad Men is back!
- People who aren't afraid to admit they like TV as much as I do. 
- Potato leek pizza with fresh thyme and gruyere cheese.
- Coffee with a spoonful of gelato.
- Reaching the bottom of the pile of papers.
- Knowing a bad day—even a bad week—cannot last, and letting me just feel it.

What are your good things today?


The Good, The Glad & The Lovely is an experiment in gratitude. I've been keeping lists of good things in one form or another since I was a girl. I hope you'll join me as I count the positive, accept the not-so-great, and try to do a bit of good, too.